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I hate that we had to meet under these tragic circumstances but I am glad our paths have crossed. The purpose of this site is to help remove the silence, secrecy, and shame that surrounds baby loss of any magnitude (i.e. miscarriage, stillbirth, tfmr, neonatal death, infant loss, child loss etc.) and to foster the conversation around healing. While you are here I hope you feel seen, understood, loved, encouraged, and most importantly that you can connect with a supportive community of baby loss survivors who have traveled down the path of loss you are embarking on.


-Ali Ande



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Still Here is the memoir of grieving parents navigating the joys of pregnancy and the extreme lows of (baby) loss. Still Here is a personal testimony of how love, faith, and support can bring you back from the abyss after the loss of your precious baby, into a life of purpose

Alishia wrote this book in hopes to remove the shield of shame, and isolated suffering, as well as shed light onto the cloak of secrecy wrapped inside of baby loss. Most importantly, Alishia wrote Still Here as a personal tool to heal her broken heart after suffering the devastating loss of her 28-week old son, DJ, in hopes that her pain and restoration would be the jumpstart to someone else's recovery after loss. She also delved into the untapped and often forgotten perspective of a grieving father after baby loss from her husband Derrek. 

It is Alishia's prayer that Still Here reaches your heart no matter where you are in your grief journey.


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It is my mission to help mothers deconstruct their grief so they can uncover their authentic grief voice, while honoring their angel babies, trying to conceive again, getting pregnant with their rainbow babies, and navigating the ebbs and flows of motherhood after loss. Each of these seasons of life [after loss] can be extremely triggering, but I want angel mamas to know…YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You are seen, valued, and heard on this journey.


I also want to use my voice, as a fellow baby loss mom [stillbirth survivor] to impact and serve as many baby loss families around the globe that I can by creating a supportive community and safe spaces for honest and transparent dialogue surrounding the taboo topic of pregnancy/baby loss (i.e. miscarriage, stillbirth, tfmr, neonatal death, infant/child loss etc.) while offering faith, dealing hope, and projecting light. 


The bottom line is…you get to experience motherhood in your own unique way; without feeling guilty, or ashamed because your child died. 

- Alishia Anderson



Deconstructing Your Baby Loss Grief

A 12-week 1 on 1 Program where I walk alongside you as your Grief Companion and Baby Loss Support Coach. You will receive tailor-made strategies to help you deconstruct your grief and  lay the foundation to building a transformative life around your baby loss grief. 

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